I've loved capturing moments in time
for as long as I can remember. Of God's bountiful creations. Of people, and places especially.

They say, "A picture paints a thousand words!" A great image reaches further still. It invokes cherished memories, engender intense emotions, and renders one speechless. Speechless because it is either beautiful, powerful, funny, monumental, or inspirational. Maybe tragic, shocking or sad. Maybe even all at the same time!

Indeed, an image can conjure up pure ecstasy. And fantasy. It can convey unbridled joy and enthusiasm. The mundane can be interesting; the everyday, spectacular. Something familiar and commonplace is seen from a fresh P-e-r-S-p-e-c-T-i-v-e, in a new light.

A moment can be captured in one's mind, in a blink of an eye. That one frame in time, frozen in perpetuity by a press of a button, a flash from a bulb. From the subtlest hues to the brilliant rainbow spectrum of colors. From the stark abyss of the darkest blacks to the blinding brilliance of the brightest whites. And all the gray in-between.

To put it simply, I am passionate about photographing and preserving a few of these fleeting, special moments. Ones that birth wonderful dreams and happy memories.

Thank you for visiting my site. Please explore and share your thoughts about the images, via comments or email. I wish you a lifetime of memorable moments.